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Haiti: Housing Effort Said to Lag

A post-earthquake housing program in Haiti financed by the United States Agency for International Development has delivered only a quarter of the planned number of houses.

After Being Shot, Boy Comforted Family

A 13-year-old Brooklyn boy who was shot twice in the head on Monday stands a 90 percent chance of losing his right eye, his family said.

Suit Filed in Haiti Cholera Epidemic

A class-action lawsuit claiming to represent cholera victims in Haiti and their relatives in the United States was filed against the United Nations on Tuesday in Federal District Court in Brooklyn.

Kosovo Debuts With Tie

A sellout crowd of 18,000 in Mitrovica witnessed the international soccer debut of Kosovo’s national team, a 0-0 tie with Haiti.

Haiti's cholera epidemic: Immune response

LAST month the United Nations’ Independent Expert on Human Rights in Haiti delivered his annual assessment (French version here) of the state of the poorest country in the Americas. Gustavo Gallon, a respected Colombian jurist, wrote of many troubling—and familiar--problems. They included prolonged pre-trial detention for 80% of all prisoners in Haitian jails; institutional “brittleness” on account of long-delayed elections to the Senate and local bodies; rising homicide rates; and a depressing predilection for public lynching, which indicates little confidence in the justice system. If the indictment of Haiti was unsurprising, less predictable was Mr Gallon’s position on the country’s cholera epidemic, which first broke out in 2010. More than 8,000 Haitians have since died from cholera, and nearly 700,000 more, or one out of every 16 people, infected. Medical evidence indicates the cholera strain was brought to Haiti by Nepalese UN peacekeepers, although the UN neither admits responsibility for the outbreak nor agrees to make reparations. In October 2013 human-rights lawyers filed a class-action claim on behalf of the victims; the UN, which claims diplomatic immunity against such claims, is reportedly refusing to acknowledge even being served the lawsuit.Mr Gallon’s report is consequently significant. He called for “diplomatic difficulties” to be resolved to “stop ...

Behind the Cover Story: Monte Reel on Traveling Across a Changing South America

The new highway that crosses Brazil and Peru is transformative — both for the villages it now connects and for Monte Reel, who writes about his journey along the highway.

Haitian Dictator May Be Charged With Human Rights Crimes, Court Says

An appeals court rejected an argument from Jean-Claude Duvalier, known as Baby Doc, that the statute of limitations had expired for the charge of crimes against humanity.

Times Minute | Goodell's Big Payday

A big payday for the N.F.L.’s commissioner, Roger Goodell. Also on the Minute, rethinking the benefits of natural gas and an adventure to Haiti’s hidden waterfalls.

Still Committed to Haiti

The United States ambassador to Haiti disagrees with an editorial suggesting that other countries have forsaken it.

9 in Haiti Accused in Journalist Case

A judge in Port-au-Prince accused nine people, including friends of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, of having had a hand in the killing of the radio journalist Jean Dominique.