The Sudanese Women's Voice for Peace, SOUTH SUDAN

The Sudanese Women's Voice for Peace (SWVP) works with refugee women as they rebuild their lives, organizing women for projects they can do together to raise themselves and their children up from extreme poverty.

Teody AchiloSWVP began in the mid-1980s when a small group of refugee women from Sudan attended an international women's conference in Nairobi, Kenya. They were stunned to see women at the microphones, speaking in public, talking about human rights. It was their moment of awakening...

The Sudanese Women's Voice for Peace led community-building efforts among women living in refugee camps in Kenya and Uganda for two decades, teaching trauma healing and skills for reconciliation. Now that most refugees have returned to South Sudan, SWVP is working with them in villages.

Master’s Degree in Social Work and is eager to help women assume their rightful place in newly-independent South Sudan. Mercy Beyond Borders has worked with SWVP to fund a women’s tea café in Loa and to bring bicycles to women in 10 rural villages.