Volunteers: Invisible but Essential

Mercy Beyond Borders owes its effectiveness to volunteers too numerous to mention by name. Here are just a few of the generous individuals without whose talented assistance MBB’s back office might well be floundering!

Catherine Wilkinson contributes her abundant talent in multiple ways, all of them with unflagging graciousness. She painted the office space of Mercy Beyond Borders. She creates original jewelry for sale and donates 100% of the proceeds to Mercy Beyond Borders. She tells friends and colleagues about us and encourages them to donate, too. She’s everywhere. She’s amazing!

Sherri Coats, the chair of our annual Kohl Mansion Christmas event, is a lifelong volunteer for many worthy causes. We’re delighted that her husband, Bill, serves on the Mercy Beyond Borders Board, and that Sherri contributes to Mercy Beyond Borders her eye for art, her heart for generous service, and her time for organizing festive events. Thank you, Sherri!

Sylvia Dieckmann, tech wizard, was born in Germany and now lives in England. She rebuilt and vastly improved our Mercy Beyond Borders website. One of the early Google employees for some years, Sylvie now donates her considerable skills to Mercy Beyond Borders—not only by keeping our web site up-to-date, but also by managing and linking our Facebook page and Blogs and deftly handling other IT issues that arise. We wouldn’t be in cyberspace without her!

Gabriel Arok, former Sudanese refugee and current college student, offers valuable clerical help in the main office, assisting with unglamorous but very essential tasks: stamping envelopes, making copies, filing, etc. We’re grateful to you, Gabriel!

Jasmin Alic, former Bosnian refugee, has a passion for service. After many years of working at Catholic Charities in San Jose, he has now set his sights on teaching computer skills to the girls at St. Bakhita Girls’ School in South Sudan as a volunteer during 2012. We welcome you, Jasmin!

Julie Lynch, librarian with the Chicago public library system, will accompany Sr Marilyn to St. Bakhita School in November 2011. She intends to use the $3,000 she raised in Chicago to organize and open a library for the primary school girls. It will be the first library in the town of Narus! What a gift!

Ann Wilbur, retiree and former art gallery worker, volunteered in Spring 2011 to teach art at St.Bakhita girls’ school in S.Sudan—the first exposure these students ever had to formal art instruction. Though Ann admits to being defeated by the intense heat, the creepy-crawly denizens in her hut, the social isolation, and the otherness of the culture, she valued the experience, returning home with great admiration for the resilience of Sudanese women and girls. The students loved your art class, Ann!

Catherine Hill, graphic artist, designs Mercy Beyond Borders’ annual reports, brochures, and other collateral pieces. Her work is strikingly original and eye-catching. Check out her talent at www.catherinehill.net. We recommend her to anyone needing graphic design—and she works fast!

Annie Ellicott, owner of www.LeapUp.com, a professional marketing firm, offers ongoing pro bono consultation to Mercy Beyond Borders on public relations and marketing strategy. We value your expertise and recommendations. Thank you, Annie!

David B. Zenoff, former professor at the Business Schools of Columbia University and Stanford University and author of 7 books (soon to be 8), provides management consultation on a pro bono basis to Mercy Beyond Borders. David, you’ve been immensely helpful in long-range planning and Board development. We are indebted to you!

Sr Genemarie Beegan, Sister of Mercy and artist, created the Mercy Beyond Borders masthead, logo and display banner. She literally “got us going” with those first practical steps for visibility. Genemarie is expert at producing large wall murals and displays from layered photographs; for samples of her work, go to www.mercydesign.org.

Christopher Jenkins, professional videographer and instructor in environmental documentary film-making at UC Santa Barbara, organizes the judging panel each year for Mercy Beyond Borders’ high school video contest. Chris also filmed and produced several short videos about the work of Mercy Beyond Borders in South Sudan. Visit his website at www.cjpictures.com.

Judy Chen Gabe Arok Chris Jenkins Sylvia Dieckmann
Judy Chen Gabe Arok Chris Jenkins
(Photo by Alison Staab)
Sylvia Dieckmann