A Wheelchair for Rose

Sr Mary Mumu and Sr Marily with Rose and her broken wheelchairOne look at Rose, and you suddenly know what the term “strong woman” really means. Rose has been a leader of the women’s group in Rumbek for nearly two decades. She survived polio as an infant, and cannot remember ever having been able to walk. For many years she managed to stay mobile by hauling herself onto a rickety metal wheelchair and using her arms to pedal, but now she lacks the arm strength to navigate the unpaved and deeply-rutted local roads.

After meeting Rose, Mercy Beyond Borders was able to get a wheelchair manufactured especially for her in Nairobi by APDK, the Kenyan equivalent of Goodwill Industries for the Disabled. Thanks to Sister Maureen Limer, the Diocese of Rumbek has offered to deliver it to Rose at no cost via lorry in one of their transport containers.

Mercy Beyond Borders hopes that life will now be just a tad easier for Rose, whose spirit inspires us!

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