Research proves that education of women is the single most effective way to lift families up from extreme poverty. So at MBB, we put education at the core of our mission and our programs. 


Educating women is powerful in itself; that power is amplified when we connect MBB scholars with one another. Together, they become advocates for change in their communities, countries, and beyond. 


In cultures that undervalue women, MBB’s leadership programs waken women & girls to their dignity and teach them the skills to become future leaders.

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Our Impact

Seeds for Future Generations

Giving back is an important part of leadership and a desire we instill in every MBB Scholar. In South Sudan, our scholars give back to their communities in many ways: they visit prisoners, help disabled adults in their villages, and tutor younger students. They also come up with unique, inspiring ways to pay it forward. Three MBB Scholars studying at a high school located in a desert have initiated a tree-planting campaign to beautify their campus, provide shade, and improve the environment. The Scholars reached out to the United Nations and Windle Trust International to obtain donated seedlings, then motivated their entire senior class to participate in planting, watering and protecting the young trees. MBB salutes their leadership!


In South Sudan, parents send only their sons to school.  The year before MBB started to work there (2008), only 11 girls graduated from high school in the entire country! MBB is changing that dismal picture.  We provide over 90% of the annual operating budget for the only all-girl primary school in S.Sudan and have awarded over 280 high school and university scholarships to young women there.

Economic Empowerment

MBB offers skills training classes to adult women in Haiti, and small business development training and loans to S.Sudanese women in refugee camps.  These projects enable women to lift themselves out of extreme poverty through their own hard work. Sewing, catering, baking, making soap, operating a restaurant: all of these things, and more, bring revenue into cash-strapped families.

Women Advocacy

We may take it for granted that women are equal to their fathers and husbands and sons. But this is not accepted everywhere.  In all of the ways that MBB helps women and girls to learn, to connect and to lead, we affirm their human dignity. We equip them with leadership skills and confidence to use their voice and their talents in promoting basic human rights for all women and girls: Safety. Water. Shelter. Schooling. Decision-making. Employment. Voting.

2017 Opus Prize Laureate

Sr Marilyn Lacey, RSM

Founder, Mercy Beyond Borders

Sister Marilyn Lacey founded Mercy Beyond Borders in 2008 after a visit to South Sudan where she saw what she described as “by far the most devastated place” she’d ever experienced during her decades of work with refugees around the world. Mercy Beyond Borders brings hope to more than 1,400 woman and girls annually by providing educational, economic and empowerment opportunities where there are few options to escape extreme poverty.

Uganda, Adjumani. South Sudan refugees in refugee camps. A co-op of women that received a microloan from the Mercy Beyond Borders run a small businesss selling clothes in the refugee camps, the 5 women collectively make about $50 a month. Many of these women are widows from the war or their husbands remained in S.Sudan with second wives. The income helps them raise their children and pay for school fees. Ajwok lost her husband and is a widow raising seven children alone (2 are hers), as she has to also care for her family's children.

16 year-old Johanna lost her mother at an early age and her father during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and thus could not afford to pay for school. Today, she is a proud recipient of an MBB high school scholarship and lives in an MBB Lodge in town. Without that awful daily commute, she says with a shy smile, “I now have time to study and to make friends my own age.”

Uganda, Adjumani. South Sudan refugees in refugee camps. Pagirinya Camp. Consolate came to this camp in 2015 after a very difficult journey from South Sudan. With the help from a scholarship from the NGO Mercy Beyond Borders she has been able to attend St. Mary's School and is recognized as the smartest girl in the county. She boards at school but here in the camp helps at home and studies under challenging conditions She is from the Madi tribe and has five siblings.

MBB has impacted my life by ….


Snippets of how MBB had impacted their lives

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National Geographic photographer Alison Wright accompanied Sr Marilyn L Lacey to our impact areas in East Africa and Haiti.  


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Speaker: Pastor John Anderson

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Date: 16 August 2017, 18:00 am  

Location:  233 Main St.

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